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Therapeutic massage is the art and science of moving the soft tissue of the body, using different pressures and techniques to create a positive change in the tissue. Massage is most commonly used to help the body decrease muscular pain, relieve stress, promote tissue healing and enhance relaxation.

Raindrop Technique

This technique will help you relax and rebalance your energy. Nine different Young Living Essential Oils are rubbed on your feet and then “dropped like rain” onto your spine and feathered into your skin. You will “float” out of this session. Two blends of essential oils, Valor and Aroma seiz, are used.

Isolated Stretch

Active Isolated Stretch is a different method of stretching. It is safe and effective, and it can help relieve neck pain, low back pain, limited range of motion, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor posture and decreased flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is known for its deep, relaxing benefits due to the heat of the stones. The smooth basalt stones are placed on specific points of the body. This helps to melt away muscle tension and stress. The stones also used to massage the arms, legs, neck, and back.

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